Care Essentials

A website for Kaiser Permanente's new clinic brand

UX, Strategy

UX Consultant


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In 2017, Kaiser Permanente launched CARE ESSENTIALS, their version of a community based clinic which served as their answer to the growing market created by Zoomcare. KP approached our team to leverage branding into an online experience that would allow users to easily book appointments.


As the Senior Designer on the project, I worked collaboratively with performance, strategy, content and development leads to create a simplified version of the website. The key goal was to allow users to be able to effortlessly book appointments, leveraging Epic Scheduler software to maintain easability. With the leads team, I set the UX vision of the website, and then worked with and mentored a junior UX designer to implement branding and UI. The goal was not to over complicate the booking experience, by creating what felt like a “same-screen” experience.

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In addition to serving as the UX Lead, I was able to partner with the Kaiser Permanente creative team to produce and art direct a campaign that initially was concepted to produce digital assets, but quickly was determined to successfully capture the entire direction of the brand overall. Leveraging my past experience with art direction (see Susan Hayes Handwovens case study), I presented KP with two different directions as to how to approach a visual narrative for the campaign. Once the direction was signed off on, I recruited and cast subjects, set costume/prop direction, wrote each story, scouted and confirmed locations, and set the production schedule for the two-day shoot. The concept of the photoshoot was to show Care Essentials as a place you would go for both healing and preventative care.