Dubai South Transit App

Customized transit app for Dubai South Development

Interactive, Design, Mobile

Product Designer, UX Strategist, Information Architect, UX


Working with a large transporation agency, the goal was to customize and brand a transit application for a new development being built in Southern Dubai. The goal of the rebrand was to demonstrate a customized transportation app that went beyond simple fare payment to offer additional features that would enhance the lifestyle element of the app for the user.


Based on an original mobile app prototype which I had designed, I researched the available materials on the intended South Dubai development to get a sense of the overall branding and aesthetic sensibility. The premise of the development was that it would be a progressive leader in greener, environmental living. To entice users to want to ride public transportation versus using their own cars, it immediately became important to add some sort of value system that would reward the user. Having a bit of carte blanche, I explored the idea of gamifying the transit app to allow users to be rewarded for their decision-making which lead them to use public transit over driving their own cars.

The interesting challenge of this was that the developement had yet to be built, so the majority of branding, source materials that I had to work with were from renderings from the architectural/developing firm. (See moodboard below). Using the renderings, I was able to pull out a color palette the served as an anchor of the overall look and feel of the mobile experience.


The resulting product was an enhanced transit experience that allowed the user to not only easily cutomize their transit routes and pay their fare, but also adhered to the overall branding of the development to be a green, clean living space. Set to launch in 2020.