Emerging Leaders Program

A website redesign for a student internship program

Branding, Web, Design, UX

Art Director, UX Lead, UI Designer



A website refresh was needed to kick-off the launch of the Portland initiative, Emerging Leaders Internship Program (ELI). The ELI Program matches underrepresented college students—first-generation students, low-income students, and students of color—with paid internships at top Portland companies.


Before the website could be flushed out, a landing page was needed to capture users coming to URL looking for more information. This landing page served as the starting point to build the brand of the ELI program and to start building recognition for users, namely schools, students and participating companies

Landing Page and Wireframe


Once the direction was set, the team worked together to build a site that was both easy to navigate, as well as went beyond a standard internship application site. The first step was collaborating with the content strategist to being to build the layout of the site.

Whiteboard Sketches

After the strategy was set, I began to work through the layout and journey of the user by exploring the layout with wireframing. This helps me not only with placement, but when I am also developing the UI, I like to experiment with placement of color. Additionally, I also did extensive research in various interactions and element UI that could help push this site beyond another boring application site, by adding small interactive features which would engage with the program beyond just applying for the internship.

Sample Wireframes

The end result was a fun website that went beyond just allowing users to apply for the internship, but helped to breath life into the program.

Sample Design Comps