Les Adventures de Fox et Monsieur O

A motion graphic of a French childen's cartoon

Motion Graphic, Design

Video Editor, Designer, Motion Graphics, Storyteller


A project for a motion graphics course at PNCA.


I wanted to create an my own interpretation of an artistic French children’s animation using cut paper. Wanting to build the main character, I created a template of the fox and cut out its different parts from different types of paper I bought at a local art store. I then scanned the individual pieces and imported them into photoshop where I was able to edit them. For the ferns/plants, I bought them at the art story and they had a shiny component to them. I photographed them at different angles to capture light, and then animated it in Adobe After Effects.


I have always loved the beginning of the song, “Oh!,” by the Manchester, England band, We Have Band. I used that part of the track as the sound in the video, resulting in an overall story being told of a fox trying to take a nap and being harassed by a cheeky letter “O.”

Process Images
Process Images
Process Images