Gold Country Salt Works

Mobile branding for a fictional salt company.

Interactive, Design, Mobile

Art Director, UI Designer, Content Strategist, Production, Photo Editor


This project started out as a proposal for my thesis project at PNCA. I wanted ot explore how to create a valuable tool for a company that would enhance their brand culture and create a unique experience which would engage users and to create loyal customers.

For my process, I established three separate companies and their brand identities to explore. For each, I created a name, a mini profile, preliminary logos, branding keywords and individual moodboards. After I selected one, I then delved in further to identify what that brand would want to offer their customers.


Next, I sketched out wireframes to define the user flow and experimented with “special features” such as, “My Saltbox,” and “Salt of the Month.”


Once I had an overall sense of the layout, I began to expore and iterate the UI until I locked into an aesthetic that I though worked best for the branding.

Previous Screens
Sample Screens

Finally, I used Invision to prototype the app and to test the flow and "build." The result of the project can be seen below, with the embedded interactive mock-up. Click “Create An Account” or “Skip” to get an overall sense of the app and to experience how a user would access a recipe for “Salty Chocolate Chunk Cookies.”