Gold Country Salt Works

Mobile branding for a fictional salt company.

Interactive, Design, Mobile

Art Director, UI Designer, Content Strategist, Production, Photo Editor


This project started out as a proposal for my thesis project at PNCA. In this day and age, it seems that everybody wants an app for their brand, regardless if there is a clear vision as to what added value that app will or won’t bring to it. I had become fixated on an actual salt company, North Sea Salt Work in Norway, so I used them as inspiration. I wanted to explore how to create a valuable tool for a company that would enhance their brand culture and create a unique experience which would engage users and to create loyal customers.


For my process, I established three separate companies and their brand identities to explore. For each, I created a name, a mini profile, preliminary logos, branding keywords and individual moodboards. After I selected one, I then delved in further to identify what that brand would want to offer their customers. I started to lay out wireframes to define the user flow and experimented with “special features” such as, “My Saltbox,” and “Salt of the Month.” After I nailed down the overall aesthetic, I built out variations of the screens and used the online tool InVision to test the flow and “build” of the app.


The result of the project can be seen below, with the embedded interactive mock-up. Click “Create An Account” or “Skip” to get an overall sense of the app and to experience how a user would access a recipe for “Salty Chocolate Chunk Cookies.”

Sample Screens
Previous Screens