A motion graphic video for the iconic band L7

Motion Graphic, Design

Video Editor, Designer, Motion Graphics, Storyteller


Assignment for a motion graphics course at PNCA. The goal of the project was to focus on typography and timing it with sound.


The song is very aggressive, so I want to pair it with visuals that would contrast. I sourced images by ripping them out of various fashion magazines (keeping that torn edged aesthetic)and store-bought flowers made out of felt material. I then scanned them individually. I also created a styleframe storyboard to map out how each frame would move. The entire motion graphic was built using Adobe After Effects.


The final video is a juxtaposition of “girlie” imagery with this very tough, feminist message. There is this wonderful effect from using the found imagery and animating it to move the way that I wanted. To add an extra layer, I also included a subtext of political commentary.

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