Museum of Kinetic Sculpture

Branding a fictional kinetic museum in Seattle

Branding, Interactive, Design, Mobile

Art Director, UI Designer, Content Strategist, Production


A project for a Design Studio course, the goal was to develop a brand “look and feel” for a fictional client that connected emotionally with their customers. The fictional client assigned was the Museum of Kinetic Sculpture, based in Seattle, WA. The overall concept of the museum was that it was dedicated to curating and exhibiting sculpture works that contain moving parts, and that the works were not housed in a building. All works were to be installed “on-site” throughout the city of Seattle, WA.


Drawing on my arts background and time at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX, I sought to define the concept of “kinetic” visually. I wanted to evoke the notion of movement, even though a lot of the deliverables were to be in 2D medium. I identified key kinetic artists, such as Alexander Calder, from whom I could draw inspiration. In addition, I also developed a moodboard for the aesthetic direction and a storyboard for the identity of the MOKS patron.


Focusing mainly on the ideas of suspension, white space, shapes and color, the brand identity became firmly grounded within a minimal aesthetic. In addition, I focused on the UI of the a mobile app that would serve the museum patron to locate and identify artworks around the city. The deliverables were, but not limited to: logo, brand book, website, mobile app, and a brand pattern.

Website Sample Screens
Mobile Sample Screens
MOKS Brand Book Cover and Pattern
MOKS Brand Book Sample Pages
MOKS Brand Moodboard
MOKS Patron Storyboard