The Pantry Project

A website redesign for a culinary lending library

Branding, Web, Design

Art Director, UI Designer, Content Strategist, Production


A project for a Design Studio course, the goal of was to create a website for a collaborative organization. Deliverables were a logo, branding and design of website UI/UX, and overall conceptualization of the organization.

For this project, I combined my love of cooking and visiting the library. I knew of an existing lending library for culinary equipment in Portland, so I took that concept and researched high-end culinary sites, such as Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table, to flush out the feeling of “shopping” on those sites for the user who was looking to borrow items.


The end result was THE PANTRY PROJECT, a lending library for high-end kitchen appliances and tools. The overall concept was to create an online space where the borrower could feel that they were not only getting access to high-end kitchen gadgets, but also becoming a member of an online community where they could “rate” items and leave feedback about their experience using the item. The idea was in the hope that this would develop an affinity for the the non-profit organization and help build a supporting community around it.