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Rebranding of a woman's clothing store

Branding, Styling, Web, Design

Art Director, Photostylist, Location Scout, UI Designer, Content Strategist, Production


Paige Green Photography


In 2009, I was brought on by the owner of a woman's clothing store located in Point Reyes Station, CA, to refresh the entire brand. Her customer was skewing to an older demographic, so she was looking for a way to draw in a younger customer to increase sales.


Because of my familiarity with the brand as it existed and its perception as a store for “an older woman,” I immediately began to work on producing a photoshoot that would demonstrate store items stylized into more contemporary outfits. I also wanted to play up the aspect that this was a “local” story, that specialized in artisan clothing. Since the store is located in one of the most beautiful coastal regions of Northern California, I specifically selected locales that would be recognizable and could invoke this story of a local woman experience life in the clothing. I also created a newer, more modern logo, as well as a completely new website that continued the “story” and allowed the customer to experience the designers carried in the store.


Within the first year, the store saw a 30% increase, as well as an article written in the local paper about the complete overhaul of the brand.

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