Utne Reader Redesign

Redesign of a classic publication

Branding, Interactive, Design

Creative Director, Editor, UI Designer, Mag+ Designer, Production


A project of a Design Studio course, the goal was to review an existing news publication and select one for redesign. I chose the UTNE Reader.


I chose the UTNE Reader because it is a magazine ripe for a redesign. This is a publication with a type of illustration and design that doesn’t quite match up to the high-level of quality of the existing content. After researching different international publications, I begin to experiment with the usage of fields of color to anchor the overall design in. With the redesign of the logo, I stripped it down to a minimal sensibility, by just focusing on the “U,” to give the brand a sense of strength and boldness.

In addition to the print redesign, I wanted to experiment with designing for an online publication, namely creating a tablet version of the magazine.


The UTNE Reader redesign resulted in fully realized magazine publication, which included my illustration and design of the included advertisements. For the tablet version, I used the software program Mag+, using the color as a subtle way to give the viewer a sense of direction. The video below shows the movement throughout an iPad version.

UTNE Main Spread
UTNE Sample Spread
UTNE Reader sample ad and sketch
UTNE Reader cover exploration