Care Essentials


Helping to define the brand for a
new convenient care clinic

My role: UX Lead | Art Director


Art Director
I was able to partner with the Kaiser Permanente creative team to produce and art direct a campaign that initially was conceived to produce digital assets, but quickly was determined to successfully capture the entire direction of the brand overall. Leveraging my past experience with art direction, I presented KP with two different directions as to how to approach a visual narrative for the campaign. Once the direction was signed off on, I recruited and cast models, set costume/prop direction, wrote each story, scouted and confirmed locations, and set the production schedule for the two-day shoot. The concept of the photoshoot was to show
Care Essentials as a place you would go for both healing and preventative care.


UX Lead
As the UX Lead on the project, I worked collaboratively with performance, strategy, content and development leads to create a simplified version of the website. The key goal was to allow users to be able to effortlessly book appointments, leveraging Epic Scheduler software to maintain easability. With the leads team, I set the UX vision of the website, and then worked with and mentored a junior UX designer to implement branding and UI. The goal was not to over complicate the booking experience, by creating what felt like a “same-screen” experience.


>> Creative Team: Robin Clarke, designer; Spencer Foxworth, copywriter; Aaron Lee, photographer