Marmoset Music


Design thinking for the rebrand of a
music company’s email campaign

My role: Senior visual designer | UX LEAD


Design problem + audit
Marmoset was experiencing low engagement with their campaign, weekly and new music emails. Users seemed to not be engaging with the content and they had a low click-through rate with emails announcing new music. The first step was to do an audit of the existing designs to assess problem areas and visual challenges. What immediately became apparent was that the existing design lacked any visual hierarchy or style system that would allow a user to connect with the content and encourage them to dive deeper in.  



Competitor design analysis
Next, working with the Strategy team, we began to take a look at what Marmoset’s competitors were doing in their email programs to look for opportunities for Marmoset to not only rebrand their emails visually but to be able to differentiate themselves as well.  



Design Directions
For the design directions, I wanted to pull together two directions that I felt the Marmoset brand would fit with. I began to research different email design patterns, relying heavily on fashion label brands approach to email as I felt stylistically they offered more variety, as well as an editorial feel that I had a hunch would translate into what Marmoset was striving for. Once I had enough samples, I created two moodboards to present and talk through with the client. In addition, I mocked up how the design could possibly be translated. I felt that this was a great way to be able to have the client react to what they responded for and against, to help narrow down the vision and approach. 



Design explorations
For the design directions, I wanted to pull together two directions that I felt the In addition to the moodboards, I also began to pull out colors from the design inspirations to see if there was a way to complement and expand the Marmoset color palette that was mainly comprised of grays, a bold purple, and a bold green. Additionally, I also began to play with the shape of the Marmoset wordmark to develop a pattern that could serve as a visual element to enhance and distinguish the email design.



Design structure
For the design directions, I wanted to pull together two directions that I felt the In Once a design direction was decided upon, I took a step back and looked at the platform that the emails were going to be built upon and identified the key modules in which to ground the email design system on. The emails were being custom built using the MailChimp email platform, therefore I built out the structure of the modules and defined their functionality, keeping in mind and how they could be used in building out emails beyond the requested ones. 



Design implementation
Once all the design direction and the structure were defined, I was able to go back and flush out variations until the visual system for the modules were in place. (variations not shown here). The result was a complete visual module system that allowed for the author to mix and match to create brand new emails. What was delivered was the library and five fully designed emails for desktop and mobile.