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In 2009, I collaborated with Nextbus, a company based out of California which produces service designs for transit systems. My role was to help evolve digital platforms for transit agencies, by enhancing the riders' experience, as well as improving the way transportation agencies manage their systems. Main transit agencies I have worked on are San Francisco Muni and Atlanta Streetcar. Displayed are samples produced for Atlanta StreetCar and a NextBus mobile app for iOS. 


Atlanta Streetcar
Atlanta Streetcar wanted a one-stop, multi-media experience for users to be able to obtain all the information they may need to inform their journey. For this LED display, I prioritized what information transit users would be the most vital: real-time arrivals; a map displaying where their vehicle was in relation to their stop; and a constant update of any transit alerts that may or may not affect their journey. To enhance the journey, I included "nice to haves": time/date; weather forecast; and a newsfeed (in this case CNN which is based out of Atlanta. The client also wanted to be able to display ever stop along the route, which I incorporated in as a list menu.


Atlanta Streetcar - Mobile
In addition, I was asked to mockup how the look and feel of the LED display experience could translate into mobile. I narrowed down four of the key elements of the display and translated that into a mobile screen for potential riders. The concept informing this was how can we enhance the transit user's experience beyond just paying for fare or finding when their next bus will arrive?