Permanent Collection


UX recommendations for an
e-commerce fashion site

My role: UX Consultant

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By leveraging the site’s Google Analytics, I was able to understand how Permanent Collection’s users were navigating the side, who their user was, where they were located and what devices they were accessing the site on. By drilling down and really identifying the customer, a narrative began to become apparent that customers were wanting to buy the products, but they were facing challenges when trying to complete a purchase. My deliverable to the brand was a report that identified these key problem areas and wireframes to be able to take back to their designers and developers to update the site. 



The mobile experience was where the majority of the heavy lifting was required, as they had yet to leverage the benefits of responsive design which complicated the buying process. My approach was to outline within the report various studies on the importance of the mobile experience within e-commerce and outline how many users shop on their mobile devices. Once I made that argument, I then outlined various points within the mobile experience that needed to be revised. 


On the desktop experience, the main obstacle appeared to be that it was unclear to the user how to enter into their shopping experience. The primary navigation was in a light gray value which blended into the white background and the user was presented with a single image and no prompts to click or interact with the image at all. 

As a result of the recommendations, the website was restructure to include more actionable items to the homepage, allowing the customer to have a myriad of ways to start on their purchase path.