Ladies' Night PDX


Moving the needle forward on
being a woman in today’s society

My role: Creative Director

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Ladies’ Night PDX originated as a quarterly happy hour, hosted by companies and agencies located in Portland, OR. In April 2017, I was fortunate to be asked to join the board as the Creative Director. During my time in this role, I have not only overseen all things visual for the organization, but I also have played a key part in expanding the program to produce educational events that speak to a variety of topics we believe is on the minds of our community members. Additionally, I was able to grow a creative team that consisted of two copywriters and two designers, which produced a rebrand of LNPDX that included a new website and brand book.



Happy Hours
Since it’s beginning, LNPDX has been fortunate to have a constant stream of partners who have hosted events. Some of our partners (but not limited to) have been: Instrument, Wieden + Kennedy, AirBnB, Oath, R/West and Simple Bank. 

The foundation of our organization, LNPDX Happy Hours are free quarterly events which facilitates camaraderie and a safe networking space for professional working lady-identifying folks. It started as an event for the digitally minded, but has since seen its membership grow to include women from all different backgrounds and careers. Our mailing list has grown to over 1500 subscribers, and the event regularly sees attendance at full capacity. 



Educational Events
In October 2017, I spearheaded a new series of events, which served as more curated, education events for topics we believed were pertinent with our community members. The inaugural event was a collaboration with AirBnB’s Portland office, “Lady-Money Talks,” a panel of financial experts who discussed how to break down taboos and social conditioning behind salary negotiation.

Since this event, we have held multiple events that serve as interactive workshops on such topics as how to use your voice in the workplace and how to effectively network. In September 2018, with a collaboration of the Portland office of AKQA, I led the event, “So You Think You Want To Get Into UX?,” an event that went beyond attempting to define the UX profession, but also took a look at how empathy plays a key role in the UX practice.



Ladies Night Rebrand
This year, I spearheaded a complete rebrand of Ladies’ Night PDX. Leading a team of 2 copywriters, 2 designers and project manager, we evolved the look and feel of the brand, setting not only the visual direction, but the tone and voice of the brand. We wanted to not fall into the trappings of a brand that is intended for women and lady-identifying individuals, and sought to create a brand that felt open and inclusive.

The rebrand was launched July 2017.


Creative Team: Sandra Zhovner, designer; Amy Boyd, copywriter; Jonanna Wilder, copywriter, Kira Hodgson, designer